FILTREC Hydraulic A142G10 Oil Filter Machine

Product Description: 

This series oil filter is installed in the hydraulic system,used to clear the metal powder of the hydraulic system component wear and other mechanical impurities,so that the oil could be kept clean,
also could extend the hydraulic system life; low-voltage series filter also has the next valve. When the filter element is not timely replacement,the bypass valve can open automatically to ensure the normal operation. At present,the FILTREC products is a substitute for the United States, Germany, Britain, Italy and other countries of similar products.Widely used in

petroleum,chemical,metallurgy,aviation,electronics, power,pharmaceutical,environmental,nuclear,nuclear industry,natural gas, refractories,fire-fighting equipment and other areas of the purification.

ISO Tests:

ISO 2941-filter element anti-ruptured verify

ISO 2943-filter element structural integrity

ISO 2943-filter element compatibility verification

ISO 3723-filter element for end load test method

ISO 3724-the detection of filter element fatigue properties

ISO3968-determination of the filter element differential pressure flow characteristics

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